I teach the following courses at the University of Toronto:


  • NMC 102H Ancient Empires
  • NMC 246H Sumerian and Babylonian Literature in Translation
  • NMC 347H Mesopotamia II: Assyrians and Babylonians
  • NMC 446H The Babylonian City
  • NMC 447H The Neo-Assyrian Empire
  • NMC 449H Mesopotamian Society and Economy
  • NML 305Y Introductory Akkadian
  • NML 405Y Intermediate Akkadian



  • NMC 1001Y Introductory Akkadian (= NML305Y)
  • NMC 1002Y Selected Standard Babylonian Texts (= NML 405Y)
  • NMC 1005Y The Assyrian Language
  • NMC 1010H Mesopotamian Society and Economy (= NMC 449H)
  • NMC 1021H Ancient Mesopotamia II: Assyrians and Babylonians (= NMC 347H)
  • NMC 1022H The Babylonian City (= NMC 446H)
  • NMC 1023H The Neo-Assyrian Empire (= NMC 447H)